20 Gift Ideas for the Raver in Your Life (or for Yourself)

20 Gift Ideas for the Raver in Your Life (or for Yourself)

It’s the holiday season, and, if you’re anything like me, you may be wondering what to get your EDM-loving friends. This guide is here to help! You’ll be sure to find something for any taste here—you and your friends will dance into the new year ready to rave. Alright, let’s start:

  1. Excision ‘Venom’ Unisex Hoodie

  2. venom-2
  3. Get into the holiday spirit with this incredible sweater from Excision. Don’t let the chilly winter weather keep you from raving in style.

  4. Eyewear

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  6. For the sun in the day, for the lasers at night! Make sure your eyes stay fashionably safe with these steampunk goggles, or enjoy the designs created by these diffraction glasses.

  7. Headgear

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  9. Whether it’s a gorgeous rave hood, colorful bandana, or custom facemask, stylish headgear will surely turn heads at your next event.

  10. Pashmina

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  12. Unleash your inner avian spirit with this owl pashmina.

  13. UFO pants

  15. You may think that UFO Pants went out of style in the early 2000s, but it’s never too late to revive a great thing. Comfy and cool, these loose pants will keep you dancing into the morning.

  16. Concert Tickets

  17. (5)
  18. Getting your friends tickets to see their favorite DJs is always a good way to please, and holiday season is a great time for shows. There’s the Winter White Tour with Snails, Funtcase, and Boogie T, in Albany on 12/26 and Worcester on 12/27, and David Guetta in NYC on New Year’s Eve. And if you’re missing festival season, there’s Minus Zero at Mount Snow in Vermont from April 6-8th. Check out our upcoming shows!

  19. Poi

  20. (7)
  21. Music isn’t the only art happening at raves and festivals! Be a performer yourself with these gorgeous LED poi of various colors and designs.

  22. Gloves

  23. (8)
  24. If you don’t have room to swing around poi, maybe these gloves are more your style. Impress everyone around you at your next show with your own personal light show.

  25. Quality audio equipment

  26. (9)
  27. You expect the best possible audio at your events—why not demand it for your home? These Audio-Technica headphones and these studio monitor speakers will make your favorite artists’ music sound just like they intended it to.

  28. Subpac

  29. (10)
  30. If you need to feel the bass when you listen to music, the Subpac is the way to go. This portable product lets you experience the music as if it were live.

  31. Kandi-making beads

  32. (11)
  33. Kandi is an essential part of rave culture. Make your own–and make sure to share–with this enormous starter pack.

  34. RaveAid

  35. (12)
  36. Make sure to take care of yourself and your friends! These 5-HTP and vitamin pills are the best supplement for rave recovery, and will keep you safe, happy, and dancing for years to come.

  37. DJ merch

  38. (13)
  39. Rep your favorite DJs with merch like this Hardwell toy, this Gryffin baseball jersey, or this Marshmello helmet.

  40. Solar-powered festival gear

  41. (14)
  42. Live in luxury at your next festival with only the power of the sun! This solar power pack will keep a phone charged, and this solar shower will keep its owner clean. Perfect for those sunny festival days.

  43. Hydration pack

  44. (15)
  45. These 2-Liter portable hydration packs are a MUST for the upcoming festival season. Remember to stay hydrated at all times!

  46. A fun, durable tent

  47. (16)
  48. It’s a no-brainer that any trip to a camping festival involves camping, and unless you’re not planning to sleep at all (not recommended), make sure you have a comfortable, stylish tent to chill out in. If you’re really cool, you might even want this watermelon tent.

  49. Blanket for camping festivals

  50. (17)
  51. Stay warm during the chilly nights of your next festival with this stylish waffle blanket. With these blankets, any festival can be a restival!

  52. EDC 2017 “Unseen” limited edition book

  53. (19)
  54. This gorgeous tabletop book pulls you into the magical world of EDC, with all its lights, performers, and people. It’s almost like you’re there!

  55. Rezz Mass Manipulation comic book

  56. (1)
  57. Not only is Rezz one of the most innovative DJs around, but she’s also released her very own comic book. This gorgeous book is perfect for anyone who loves all things Space Mom.

  58. This luxury RV, starting at only $907,842

  59. (20)
  60. If you’re a true friend, you’ll buy your squad this million dollar RV for your next festival. It’s basically an apartment on wheels!

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