Why Do DJs Have Different Pseudonyms?

Why Do DJs Have Different Pseudonyms?

So you are heading to New York to see TESTPILOT, aka Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5… Wait whaaaat?!

This seems to be a very confusing topic for many ravers. Well, a lot of DJs have more than one alias: other notable examples are Allure (Tiesto), Virtual Self (Porter Robinson), Mescal Kid (Steve Angello), AREA21 (and GRX… Martin Garrix), NWYR (W&W)  and Eric Prydz, who has like 20+ of them… Also, FYI, Deadmau5’s exclusively-techno alias, TESTPILOT, is not his only alias—he also performs as Halcyon441 & Karma K.

The question here is “WHY?” Why do DJs do this?

The answer is more simple than you think: Let’s go one more step back understanding why DJ’s use a name other than their birth name. Well, most artists have stage names to help people identify them as the public figure they become on their career path. These stage names allow artists (and their marketing teams) to create a brand. Managers and marketers want to ensure that DJs come up with very creative and catchy normally single-word names… at the end of the day, Hardwell is a million times easier to remember (and to pronounce) than “Robert Van De Corput” right?

Now back to business: Why do they use MULTIPLE aliases?

There are a number of reasons why DJs/producers use different pseudonyms. It’s sometimes linked with releasing music on different labels according to their contracts and some other complicated legal stuff we don’t want to immerse ourselves.

The most common reason has to do with being consistent with your fans. Producers often use different monikers to test new/alternative sounds—different than the one their fans are used to and cherish so much. In the end, a musician’s fan base is its most important asset they have. So in order to remain consistent and true to them while exploring new sounds they immerse themselves into completely new projects… and new brands!

We hope this helps you understand better the whole electronic scene, and if there is a certain DJ/Producer you really like, explore his or her bio. Who knows? Maybe they have side-projects or aliases you have been missing all this time!

Can you recall any other aliases besides the one we presented you in this article?

Would you like a better general understanding of the electronic music industry?

Are there any other doubts you have about this industry?

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