10 Summer Festival Essentials!

10 Summer Festival Essentials!

The weather is warm, and we have just entered the height of festival season. Whether you’re a festival aficionado and plan to traverse the country chasing the music or a festival newbie hitting your first festival or two this summer, you still need to be prepared. That’s why we’ve created this list of festival essentials (with handy places to purchase them, too) for both camping and non-camping festivals that’s sure to keep you dancing all summer long! We’ll be hitting both Elements Lakewood Festival from 5/25 through 5/27 and Disc Jam from 6/7 through 6/10, so this list is for us, too!


  1. All Festivals

  2. 1. Light-Up Camelbak

  3. (30)
  4. Everyone needs to stay hydrated at festivals, but with this Camelbak, you can stay hydrated in style! Light up the night and make sure your friends can find you with this custom-built Camelbak.

  5. 2. Earplugs

  6. (31)
  7. Music festivals are incredible, but also incredibly loud, and you want to be able to enjoy them for the rest of your life. Make sure to protect your ears with these high-fidelity and price-friendly earplugs.

  8. 3. Fanny Pack

  9. (32)
  10. Keep track of your essentials and express your unique style with a fun fanny pack, like this galaxy cat fanny pack!

  11. 4. Inflatable Lounger

  12. (33)
  13. So much dancing can tire you out fast, so bring one of these compact loungers to help keep you rested all weekend long so you don’t miss any of your favorite sets!

  14. 5. GoTenna Mesh

  15. (34)
  16. Festivals have notoriously bad cell service, but this product can help you stay connected with your squad even when you all split up to go see your favorite artists!

  17. Camping Festivals

  18. 6. Fun Tent

  19. (35)
  20. Stand out from your camping neighbors (and make sure you can find your campsite after a long day of raging) with a colorful tent like this one!

  21. 7. GeoDome

  22. (36)
  23. If you’re looking to really stand out at your next festival, show up with one of these crazy domes (you can even just rent one!), set up some decks, and be the talk of the festival as you throw down while the sun comes up!

  24. 8. Solar Charger

  25. (37)
  26. If you don’t want to be running your car for hours at a time (or killing your car battery and potentially stranding yourself), bring a handy solar charger and harness the power of the sun, which is (almost) always abundant at festivals.

  27. 9. Hammock

  28. (38)
  29. While these may not be much help in the desert, if you find yourself in the woods for your next camping festival make sure to carry a hammock so you can get in those power naps before your favorite sets.

  30. 10. Custom Flag

  31. (39)
  32. With a customizable flag the options are endless — you can mark your campsite, express your love for your favorite DJ, or use it as a totem so your friends can find you in the crowd.

We hope this list helped you out and that you’ll be well-prepared for your next festival! Enjoy your summer!

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