“Sequined , Holographic Glory” – An Interview with Boston’s Festival-wear Brand Cosmic Unicornz

“Sequined , Holographic Glory” – An Interview with Boston’s Festival-wear Brand Cosmic Unicornz

Cosmic Unicornz is a Boston based festival fashion brand that loves everything glitter. Stared by Melissa Thyden, she’s been bringing west coast festival vibes and bringing it to Boston. She makes everything custom, making sure that each festival look is perfect. Her line include her iconic holographic skirts (which have been worn by Paris Hilton), tops, sweatshirts, pants, accessories, etc. Every few months they throw a photoshoot party to show off recent collections, and NV made an appearance to ask all about their brand, and everything Boston EDM.

What was the start of Cosmic Unicornz?

I used to work at Guitar Center and I actually started designing T-Shirts for 5 or 6 local bands in Worcester and Boston and I was like, “Why am I making all these amazing designs for other people? I want to make designs for myself!” So, I tried to come up with a name that really fit my aesthetic, and that’s when I came up with Cosmic Unicorns and my line was born.

(Cosmic Unicornz at Rhode Island Fashion Week)

What really inspires your line?

80s cartoons, 80s Metal, comic books, pop stars, but most of it is inspired by music industry stagewear, like the stuff you wear when you’re going on tour.

Fav thing about the Boston Music scene?

“The Boston music scene is awesome because there are so many great bands that have come from Boston like Bad Rabbits is from Boston, Aerosmith is from fucking Boston. It’s iconic. This is such a legendary city, and Boston has so much history to it, and people here are not afraid to be themselves. The other thing is, people here are really loyal to Boston, it’s one of their best qualities. My brand is really trying to take a lot of West Coast ideas like a lot of Dolls Kills, which are a huge West Coast brand, because the East Coast didn’t have that, and that’s what Cosmic Unicornz has.“

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(Picture Credit: James Coletta)

If you could create a Cosmic Unicornz Festival, who would be there, where would you have it and what would be the bang of your festival?

“OH. MY. GOD. If I was going to throw a music festival, it would obviously be on the East Coast, and bring the party of a West Coast EDM lifestyle. Galantis would be there, fucking Cash Cash would be there, I really love Zedd, Nghtmre, they would all be there, and we would be in our sequined, holographic glory.”

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(Picture Credit: James Coletta)

So you’re with Dolls Kill and you were just on Warped Tour, whats next for the brand?

“We’re really gonna keep on the trend of being on festivals and tours this year, so be on the lookout! All the big national music festivals, maybe Warped Tour (when it comes back). We’re really excited to keep vending, keep having photoshoot parties, were gonna keep it up. Just keep looking for us.”

Next Photoshoot party?

“Spring! (check back on the Cosmic Unicornz Facebook page)”

We cant wait to see more from the brand, and we love what they bring to the Boston EDM scene!

By Emily Coffey

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