VOLTRAN Directed by : Mike Pecci #1 from Voltran on Vimeo.Voltran-Logo-2015

Voltran is the breath of fresh air dance music needs. From hard hitting Sounds, to unrelenting dedication to perfection, this is what dance music fans deserve.
This buzz worthy artist has been making his way on his musical campaign since the ripe age of 16. His dedication to music led him to his first turntable set up with the money he was supposed to spend on his first car. Somehow sacrificing mobility in the form of an automobile, his music has taken him much farther than any set of wheels. Making pit stops along the way to success at festivals like Counterpoint Festival and Camp Bisco while holding residencies at Ocean Club and Prime.

Voltran has displayed his never ending passion to music by getting ready to release his first EP in 2016, titled “The Heist” Pulling from his early influences such as AC Slater, Bloody Beetroots, and Justice coupled with recent breakouts like Flume and Jai Wolf. When it comes to his music, you’ll find a mixture of hard hitting basslines, synth laden melodies, and even a hint of footwork that will excite any music fan. It’s not common to find producers who execute such a myriad of genres into their style so proficiently as Voltran, but the former drummer now turned producer does it with ease. With his upcoming EP coming out this year and clubs all around the country conquered, you’ll be able to see why this buzz worthy artist is going to make 2016 his year.


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