Mania Circus




Where music meets circus.

Imagine an event destined to lead the course of dance music concerts by creating much more than just stage acts interspersed with in music.  A World that plays host to a captivating cast of creatures and characters. A show that completes the circle in entertainment by involving all walks of art and performances. Mania is an open canvas home to the theatrical prowess of circus freaks, the bleeding edge stunts of acrobatics & aerialists, and the extreme art forms that create an interactive exposé.

Mania shines like a beacon of light that’s distinct in thought evoking design, and influenced by culturally infused elements emulating today’s most trending displays of feat, form and artistry.


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Mania is a spectacle of electronic focused music, driven by incredibly choreographed performances, wrapped into a theatrically driven storyline. 

Each rendition of Mania, will never become stale since it will forever evolve by utilizing any and all latest concepts. Music infuses directly with each performance giving freedom both audibly and visually to breach formats that normally keep showcases grounded. Mania, will use everything from ideas spreading virally through social media, to tried and true methods that have been wowing audiences for eons.

Mania is set forth to break the boundaries of dance music events, by creating much more than just stage acts interspersed with music. An interactive concert series that remains at our minds event horizon, provoked by moments that never cease to amaze, and demand a permanent place within our memories.

This is Mania Circus.


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